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USB 2.0 Retro SNES Style Controller for PC

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Take a trip back to the 90's, when we were all amazed by the power of the 16-bit SNES and the amazing graphics of games like F-Zero, with this cool retro SNES style controller. It features all the buttons found on the Super Nintendo controller and is ideal for use with SNES emulators or just for those who loved the look and feel of this stylish controller.


  • Directional Pad + 8 Buttons (incl. shoulder buttons)
  • Button configuration: A, B, X, Y, L, R, Select, and Start.
  • Simple Plug & Play Connection, No software or Drivers Required
  • Super sensitive buttons for precision control
  • Compatible with Windows 98/SE/ME/XP/Vista and Mac
  • Cable Length: 1.75 Metres

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