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Professional Gold Scart Cable - 2.5 Mtrs

[Item No: 1557]

These professional quality scart cables have all 21 pins connected and feature 24k gold-plated plugs with scart lock and double screened oxygen free copper cable for excellent sound and picture quality. Especially suitable to connect 100 Hz and widescreen TV sets.


Plugs: 24K Gold plated contacts for superior signal transfer and corrosion resistance.

Conductor: Highly Pure 99.96% oxygen free copper (OFC).

Insulation: Low density Poly-Ethylene insulation to reduce signal loss and improve transmission quality.

Shielding: Advanced multiple screening by aluminium mylar foil with 100% shield coverage and screening braids to protect against radio frequency interference (RFI).

Jacket: Flexible PVC outer jacket and strain relief design for optimal cable protection and a prolonged service life.
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