TV & Video

Further Categories:

3 x RCA 3 x RCA
3 x RCA (or Triple Phono) cables are commonly used to connect the red white and yellow ports on your TV.
HDMI Cables allow you to connect your HD TV to your Blu-Ray Player, Sky+HD or other Hi-Definition device
PC/Laptop to TV PC/Laptop to TV
Cables used to connect your laptop or PC to your TV
RF Aerial RF Aerial
Aerial cables and adapters to connect your TV to you aerial wall socket or TV to other devices
RG59 Composite Video RG59 Composite Video
Composite video cables for the transfer of digital an analogue video/audio signals.
S-Video S-Video
S-Video cables adapters allow you to connect devices with S-Video ports such as laptops, DVD players and TV's
Satellite & Cable TV Satellite & Cable TV
F-Type cables to connect your Sky Box to your satellite wall socket.
Scart Scart
Scart cables and adapters allow you to connect scart devices such as TV's, Freeview boxes, DVD players and Sky/Sky+ boxes.