The Apple iPad 2

Apples second incarnation of the worlds most popular tablet

Apples iPad 2

Well, it doesn't seem too long that Apple released their first iPad, but that was all the way back in April 2010 and now we are are ready for it's next incarnation - a slimmer, faster version of the original.

Of course, Apple has been quite brilliant at marketing it's wares and at gradually adding new features with each new release - this time Apple has added FaceTime - meaning you get a front camera so you can talk to your friends and family face to face over wi-fi.

Despite being slimmer Apple has also added a camera in the back and faster processing speeds - up to 9 times faster - meaning we can expect a new generation of Apps with better graphics; opening the door to more advanced game development.

What Next?

So, what next for the iPad? As always there are some things missing - most notably the iPad 2 does not feature the retina display found on the iPhone 4 or any extra ports. It had been rumoured that the iPad 2 would have an a USB port and a slot for an SD card, unfortunately, this hasn't materialised. It's actually quite interesting that Apple have decided not to place a USB port on the iPad considering they are marketing the iPad 2 as a suitable replacement for a laptop, yet, besides the software restrictions Apple imposes on the iPad, it also makes it impossible to use with external USB devices - such as a camera - straight out of the box - although this can be done with Apples connector kit. No doubt all this will be corrected in future releases of the iPad and Apple has once again released an excellent piece of kit.

When is it released?

The iPad 2 will be released in the UK and Ireland on March 25 2011 and should cost the same amount as the previous model - around £439.

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