The 3D Revolution is Here

What You Need to Know About the World of 3D TV

A Philips 3D Ready Display

Just as the world seems to have gotten to grips with High Definition it seems a new visual revolution is on the horizon with the arrival of 3D TV. Granted, we have all experienced the 3D TV of yonder - you know, the thing where you sit watching the screen through red and green lensed glasses, but now it's had a major upgrade and it's coming to our homes!

Yes, I know, you've just purchased that brand spanking new 50" Full HD TV and a shiny new Blu-Ray player and the televisual world has never looked so good, so, will it work in 3D? The short answer is: No.

To get 3D we're all going to have to upgrade to a TV that's 3D ready. These TV's are just emerging on to the market, although, there currently aren't any 3D services in the UK so you may have to wait a little while before you can test out the goods.

How Does it Work?

3D TV works by capturing two images side by side. With the use of polarised glasses each eye will see a slightly different image tricking you brain in to seeing the image in 3D. Now, I know what you're thinking - 3D Glasses, so do you still need to wear them?

Actually, the use of 3D glasses is not going to be strictly necessary in future, as screens are being developed with the polarising effect built in. The only issue here is that you will need to be sitting in certain 'sweet spots' in order to see the 3D effects - the larger your TV the larger the sweet spots.

Is it HD?

Yes, most current 3D screens are not full HD (1080p) but lower HD resolutions are available. Panasonic have developed a full HD version, but this currently requires the use of shutter glasses.

When Can We Expect It?

3D TV now has the big players on board, so you will likely see it begin to roll out fairly soon. Sky have already developed the technology for its forthcoming 3D boxes and have tested the techniques out on various sporting events with apparent success, so we can expect Sky to be the first company to roll out full 3D channels across the UK.

We can also expect a new wave of blu-ray players capable of playing 3D blu-rays, although, this will require films to be shot in 3D. But don't worry, this is already in the works with Pixar Studios (the makers of Toy Story) saying that all their future films will be made in 3D and James Cameron (the director of Titanic) is currently said to be filming his forthcoming film 'Avatar' in 3D so we can surely expect this to become common place in future.

Cabling Requirements

So, you've just shelled out for a yet another new TV - this time 3D ready - and a 3D Sky box and a 3D Blu-Ray player but fortunately it looks like your current cables will still be able to do the trick. It seems that the first wave of 3D displays to enter the market are using plain old HDMI ports as used by the majority of HD TV's.

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