DisplayPort - The New VGA?

What You Need To Know About The DisplayPort

The DisplayPort - Designed To Replace VGA And DVI

Most of you may not have heard about the DisplayPort yet. In a world of fast emerging technologies, where new HD specifications are released on what seems like a daily basis, it's easy to become blase when it comes to anything HD. However, DisplayPort is something that you could very well be hearing more of in the not too distant future.

The DisplayPort has been designed to standardise the connection on PCs and laptops and is intended to be a direct replacement for VGA and DVI. If you're wondering why manufacturers shouldn't just choose HDMI and be done with it, the answer is simple: compatibility. The DisplayPort is backwards compatible with other standards such as VGA, DVI and HDMI in a way that is not easily achievable with HDMI alone. In fact DisplayPort has a whole range of adapters which makes connecting your DisplayPort device to whatever display you may have, simple. This level of support is continued when you look at DisplayPorts support for resolutions. Running resolutions up to 2560x1600 with 10 bit colour, support for full HD (1080p) and beyond and 3D sound, DisplayPort is certainly looking like a good option for the future.

This all sounds great but DisplayPort is still not being readily adopted by most manufacturers. Part of the problem is that HDMI has such a firm foothold in the market that the introduction of a new Hi Definition port will only cause confusion among the uninitiated. This is a shame, because there are benefits to using DisplayPort over HDMI, not least its support for analogue technologies such as VGA, at an affordable price. However, the first large adopters of this specification have been Apple, with a Mini-DisplayPort being placed on their MacBooks, and Dell and HP have also began placing DisplayPorts on some of their products. This is encouraging, but it remains to be seen whether DisplayPort is here to stay or if HDMI will remain the front runner for future computer to display connections.

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