Apple Connector Types Explained

Untangling The Ever Changing World Of Apple Ports

In consumer electronics Apple is a name that is synonymous with innovation and quality. They have attacked our senses with all manner of super-cool gadgets, from the iPod to the MacBook to the iPhone, leaving all other manufacturers continuously scrambling to catch up. It goes without saying, therefore, that Apple would take the same approach to the ports it puts on it's products by developing it's very own set of exclusive Apple only ports.

Some may criticise Apple's approach to connectors as a ploy to get us all to part with our hard earned cash, however, many of the ports are more appropriate than the standard ports, as they allow Apple to keep their products slimline and uncluttered. Here we will demystify some of those funny looking ports you find on your Apple products.

Mini-DisplayPort - The newest of Apples ports, it was launched in October 2008 and supersedes the Mini-DVI port found on MacBooks and Macs made before October 2008. The Mini-DisplayPort is not the same as the standard DisplayPort (intended to replace the bulkier VGA port), but a slimmer version of the port used only by Apple. It's used to output the signal from the computer to a Display and also transmits sound. We currently stock Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapters which will allow you to connect your MacBook or Mac to a Display with an HDMI port.

Mini-DVI - The Mini-DVI port was found on MacBooks and Macs manufactured before October 2008, it has now been superseded by the Mini-DisplayPort. Unlike the Mini-DisplayPort, the Mini-DVI will only transmit picture to your display, so sound will need to be directed to your amplifier separately. To connect the Mini-DVI port to a display you will require an adapter. We stock three different types:

  • Mini DVI - HDMI - Allows you to connect your Mini-DVI port to your HDMI display
  • Mini DVI - VGA - Allows you to connect your Mini-DVI port to you VGA display
  • Mini DVI - DVI-D - Allows you to connect your Mini-DVI Port to you DVI-D display

Dock Connector - The Dock Connector is found on all iPods and iPhones and is used to charge your iPod and sync your device to your PC. The dock connector has has allowed for a whole host of iPod 'add-ons' such as iPhone Backup Batteries (don't we all need one of these!) and FM radio transmitters

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